Cheap Micropigmentation Deals – are they worth it?

We always associate knock-down prices as being knock-down for a reason. But is it always that way? And we have to ask ourselves the question, cheap scalp micropigmentation deals – are they worth it? It’s such an important process and receiving treatment is a life-changing decision. Should the basis of clinic choice really come down to price? Or is there another side to the coin which means, sometimes, you really do just get great value for money?

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons, help with the assessment process to decide if cheap SMP deals are worth it.

When and why you should be cautious of a cheap Scalp Micropigmentation deal

What to look out for :

  • It’s not a “cut the corners” type of trade. If you find a clinic that’s offering an all in one “blanket price” deal for an SMP treatment that’s cheap as chips, alarm bells should toll. It’s difficult to predict the number of treatments any given client will need in advance. You may need two, three or even sometimes more sessions to achieve the correct look. Each SMP session is time-consuming & it’s not until the process begins that an estimated number of required treatments can be established.
  • Let’s reiterate that phrase from the above. It’s not a “cut the corners” type of trade. Why are we repeating this? Because a common cost-cutting exercise by clinics is to use inferior, cheap scalp micropigmentation pigments. It’s great that they can pass this price slash over to the customer but do you really want inferior pigment being used on your scalp? It’s perfectly acceptable to ask a clinic which SMP pigments they use and you can contact the manufacturers to establish the ingredients and levels of quality.
  • One of the major red flags for cheap scalp micropigmentation treatments is having your procedure done by a properly qualified technician. The SMP industry is really not so heavily regulated. Having a technician that is not properly trained or qualified is a great cost slashing exercise for any clinic. However, it’s not great from the client’s point of view.

When cheap scalp micropigmentation deals are good deals

  • It’s not a foregone conclusion that cheap isn’t a good deal on occasions. Often, newly qualified technicians really do need a portfolio when embarking on their career. It’s difficult to get that first client through the door. For this reason, they may offer a deal on scalp micropigmentation treatments to build up their SMP before and after photos. Keep your eye out, you might get lucky and benefit from the SMP genius that’s just walked right out of The Jonathan Gerow SMP training facility or Brandwood Clinic.
  • This one isn’t really a cheap SMP deal more a way of affording things in a more comfortable manner. And it’s finance. Often, clinics understand that the cost of SMP is not always affordable in one hit. You’ll frequently find SMP clinics of every walk of life offering packages that will eek the payment pain out. This might not necessarily be a cost-cutting exercise, but it feels like it’s easier on the pocket at the time.

If we return to the initial question in hand, cheap scalp micropigmentation deals – are they worth it? The answer is yes if you do your homework first. But bear in mind, they are not easy to find. In essence, beware of cheap scalp micropigmentation treatments if it’s a corner-cutting exercise, but of course, don’t rule it out if you can justify the slash in a clinic’s prices.