* HOT TOPIC ALERT * Scalp Micropigmentation Versus Scalp Microblading

There’s an ongoing debate out there regarding hair restoration solutions and you can find it simply littered throughout cyberspace (that’s the internet in case you were curious). But before we get knee-deep into the alleged pros and cons of Scalp Micropigmentation Versus Scalp Microblading, let’s run through the two treatments so you have a decent idea of how it rolls.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation, which is also regularly known as the abridged term SMP, is a treatment that is aesthetic. It works by tiny dots of pigments being implanted lightly into the dermis layer of your scalp which creates the illusion of hair follicles. Once completed, these imitation follicles provide the appearance of an iconic and freshly barbered buzz-cut. Occasionally also referred to as so-called hair tattooing (which is another heavily debated subject), it’s a treatment that is slowly but surely making a household name for itself.

What is Scalp Microblading?

Again, another aesthetic treatment, yet unlike SMP the implants of pigment take the form of hair-like strokes instead of microdots. Theoretically, to be really honest, it actually sounds like it is bang on the money. However… there’s a huge (and we’re not being dramatic when we say huge) problem when administered to the scalp.

SMP Versus Scalp Microblading – the debate

Microblading is unequivocal when it’s applied as a treatment for thinning brows. It’s administered using a hand-held blade type tool and fine strokes of pigments will recreate incredibly realistic hairlines – if it’s administered correctly, that is. So why oh why is this technique not adaptable to the scalp?

The follicles that you find on any given scalp are decidedly different from those you will find on brows. They have a different density and their general blueprint is not the same. On a scalp, you will find follicles with varying numbers of strands. They possess little regularity and grow at varying speeds, directions, and lengths. If you microblade through a hair follicle you can slice through its life deeming future growth impossible. This is a disaster for hair loss suffers and the rectification process is not only long (if it’s possible to rectify) but it’s painful.

However, aside from the dangers to follicles, there is another huge downside deeming scalp microblading a completely unsuitable solution for hair loss. Especially when it is administered to long hair. The strokes of hair need to flow with the hair itself. And given the hair on your head has so much movement, the moment it’s styled, in a ponytail, when it’s down, even when it’s wet, the pattern will quite honestly look an utter mess if it’s administered through microblading techniques. 

So to summarize. If you are going to enter into the debate of scalp micropigmentation versus microblading you’ll always find that SMP is the hands-down winner. If you’d like to talk to us more about scalp micropigmentation… for your scalp – or microblading… for your brows, then all you need to do is reach out to us right here. Alternatively, we love social media so why not hop along and check out what we are up to on Facebook or Instagram.