How Much does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

Now here is a piece of string that comes in various lengths, just how much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost? And unfortunately, it’s difficult to answer, however, one is going to try.

So let’s just roll through that for a minute. Why is SMP pricing difficult to come out and state in real and honest terms? And the answer is owing to various involved factors. If you take the location of a clinic, it should be pretty clear that the overheads of a New York or London premises are going to be substantially different from one situated in a smaller part of the US or the United Kingdom. To add, if you also look at the experience of a technician this will have an impact on cost. Let’s also pile reputation, supply and demand for a technician or clinic and don’t forget the marketing efforts said clinics make. This will also weigh heavily on the cost of Scalp Micropigmentation treatments. The contributing factor list is endless…

So to narrow down the answer, we are going to, for the purposes of this article, take an average treatment, which would cover the middle of the road thinning which incorporates around 3 sessions of SMP. Into the mix, we are going to throw in a clinic, in an average location, not a capital city, with a great technician who has had a pretty decent training. This now returns us to the question of how much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

Reference Point – Average and Standard cost of Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment




1800 to 3200

2800 to 4000

2500 to 4000


Now let’s look at either side of this. Because not everyone is looking for standard SMP treatments. These range from scalp micropigmentation for scarring only which is the starting point, through to severe alopecias.

At best, the cheapest price you should be paying for the smallest of treatments should run at approximately 800, 1200, 1000 and by the way, that’s sticking to the £, $, € principal. However, that is for quite a low-cost scalp micropigmentation treatment. It can also hike upwards to as far as 1500, 2500, 2000.

To move over to the other end of the scale, let’s look at the severe cases of alopecia. There are many many more man-hours involved in the treatment, so obviously, the cost of scalp micropigmentation is going to be higher. Again, sticking to the low/high principal, alongside the £, $, € format, it should roll at the low end, 2500, 3800, 3300. Now to attack the high-end SMP treatments for severe alopecia, our ratio remaining as the previous, the benchmark is 4000, 6000, 5000.

Now, one does realize that the above really is just an average, a yardstick as some would say, to try and work out how many bucks you’ll need to be shelling out. But for those looking for the cost of scalp micropigmentation treatments, it’s a great research tool to get you going in the right direction.