Scalp Micropigmentation Diffuse Thinning

teaching scalp micropigmentation for women

Diffuse thinning is more common than you might realize. It affects both men and women alike and is a hair loss disorder that can have a devastating impact on levels of confidence and self-esteem. Yet wherever you have a downside, you’ve always a positive. And the upside in this instance is without a doubt, scalp micropigmentation diffuse thinning treatments for restoration purposes.

However, there is a myriad of obvious questions surrounding the treatment, which we are going to endeavor to work through in this article. With the first one being the most frequently asked question of them all.

Will I Need to Shave my Existing Hair for SMP Treatment?

There is one simple answer to this question which is a resonant NO. Whenever we treat clients for diffuse thinning with SMP, we work through the hairline section-by-section adding natural pigments with a microneedle. These pigments are implanted beneath the outer layer of your skin known as the Epidermis. When healed, the pigments thereafter become trapped underneath the said waterproof outer layer and become tiny dots that represent a series of tiny hair follicles. It is this series of imitation follicles which will provide you with the appearance of density underneath your existing hair.

Will it Damage or Affect Existing Hair Follicles?

We understand that each follicle is a valuable entity. When hair thinning takes its hold, we know it’s crushing. It’s normal to ask the question surrounding damage. Which is why there is some great news concerning SMP for diffuse thinning as it’s a completely natural treatment that bears no detriment on the existing follicles you have. In addition to this, should you be receiving topical treatments or medication to promote hair growth, they will also continue to work after your scalp micropigmentation is completed.

How Many Scalp Micropigmentation Diffuse Thinning Treatments Will I Need?

This will depend entirely on the extent of the thinning in question. As a general rule of thumb, scalp micropigmentation should never be considered as one session only treatment. Yet with underlying shading to combat diffuse thinning, your treatment will be certainly less intensive than treatments administered to a scalp with total hair loss.

Can Anyone be Treated With SMP for Diffuse Thinning?

Ideally suited to women owing to diffuse thinning usually being overall, it’s also a hair restoration solution for men should their hair thinning be general instead of in one centralized zone. However, it’s useful to note that women suffering from diffuse thinning don’t tend to suffer from evolving hair loss to the same extent as men. This means the treatment is certainly long-term, whereas with men when the hair loss develops and expands, revisions and modifications will be necessary.

Can SMP for Diffuse Thinning Work Hand-In-Hand With a Hair Transplant?

Absolutely. It’s an incredible solution to this eventuality. Times have certainly moved on with hair transplants and moreover, grafts are taking their hold better than they ever have before. However, they are notorious for not providing guaranteed results. Topping up a hair transplant with scalp micropigmentation diffuse thinning treatments is exceptionally successful and without a doubt, the ultimate solution for hair restoration.