Will I Regret SMP?

This is an interesting topic. Will I regret SMP? One can’t imagine it to be the case. Undergoing such a visible treatment is a life decision. One which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Why would anyone regret having scalp micropigmentation?

In reality, for the majority of people, the only regret will be not having the treatment done sooner. Or at least, that’s as we imagine it to be. However, there are always those pesky extenuating circumstances.

So let’s knuckle down the brass tacks a bit here. It’s pretty clear that if anyone is going to have second thoughts about scalp micropigmentation already administered, it will most certainly be because of bad treatment. But before we touch on “that’ subject, let’s look at the other, more non-obvious reasons for contrition.

Regrets, aside from bad treatments, seems to basically fall into two fairly solid categories. The first is not actually liking the end result – just because it’s like that – and the second is initially liking the result, but after a period of time you wish to return to your “au naturel” self – stripped of the treatment you once loved.

So how does that work? Why would you go to the extreme lengths of receiving Scalp Micropigmentation and then regret it immediately afterward? And the simple answer is we all hanker after a greener grass over on the other side. But unfortunately, sometimes it just isn’t as green as we think it’s going to be. SMP will create huge changes to your appearance. Sometimes, we just don’t like the change as much as we thought we would.

Now let’s move over to SMP regrets because of bad treatment. That’s another matter. It’s an obvious scalp micropigmentation regret, unlike the above. Which takes us to the subject of ensuring you do your homework prior to your treatment. In essence, prevention is always better than cure so preventing bad treatment is the key. Verify that the technician you are using is fully qualified and trustworthy. Check out the before and after procedures from other clients. Ask around, make sure they’re up to the job and understand the techniques of the treatment and skin physiology. Because that way, you’ll eliminate the worst type of SMP regrets.

Regret is a strange beast. It comes bundled with a heap of other emotions that attach themselves to the regret. Disappointment, self-blame, guilt, resentment. Whenever you join scalp micropigmentation and regrets together, you need to address every aspect of it. As sometimes, it’s not the SMP that’s the problem. Look deeper into the issues so that instead of asking yourself the question of will I regret SMP? You’ll be asking, which clinic is the best choice for my treatment?