Here at KL Academy, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach to training which is precisely the reason why we have a variety of different ways in which we can teach your how to perform this treatment.

All the necessary information will be included as well as training for a variety of different techniques to enable you to find your own preference.

We are also highly familiar with all the leading brands of product on the market for lash lifting and can guide our students based on our experience of working with each of them to help you find your preferred choice.

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remarkable results following a lash lift

About this course

Lash Lifting offers a fantastic alternative to those clients who may not be looking for lash extensions or tattooing as yet or at all but would like a natural looking enhancement to their own lashes. With results lasting up to 6-8 weeks, Lash Lifting is a truly amazing alternative.

Our 1-day course will consist of both theory and practice to give you a thorough understanding as to how to successfully carry out a Lash Lifting treatment. You will be shown a variety of ways to adapt your technique based on the type of look your client would like from their Lash Lifting treatment. Lash Lifting is a hugely profitable treatment and with a treatment time of no more than 30 minutes, can you afford not to have it on your treatment list?

For an additional £80, you can receive a full starter kit, consisting of 5 lift and fix sachets, various size lash shields, a lash lifting tool and general disposables. You will also receive a take-home manual and ongoing support from your trainer.

lash lifting results