As one of the hottest beauty trends in the industry, Lip Filling can produce some incredible results but unfortunately has gained a large amount of negative press in recent years.

We believe the majority of horror stories are due to insufficient training which is why our training course is saturated with information to enable you to carry out a Lip Filling treatment successfully.

You will be taught about who is and is not suited for this treatment. You will also be taught how to handle various scenarios with confidence and control in the event of a reaction, i.e. an occlusion. We have a 100% pass rate with regards to our students acquiring insurance for this treatment.

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About this course

Lip Filling treatments are one of most requested throughout the industry with many clients wanting to enhance their pout, whether looking for a natural enhancement or a full lip augmentation to create a new set of luscious lips.

We offer a 2-day course which allows our students to gain an accredited certificate in Lip Augmentation, allowing them to carry out full treatments for their clients. This course will be held by one of our trainers who will explain in great depth all factors of carrying out this treatment, addressing any possible contraindications that may exist to prohibit a treatment. By the time you leave, you will feel confident and ready to create some magical lips.

You will be made aware of which products and consumables are required to carry out treatments and where they can be purchased You will also receive a take-home manual and ongoing support from your trainers.