We have created a course that will teach you how to perfect the art of creating natural and realistic looking eyebrows.

You will be taught how pigment choice, stretch, angle and many other factors can play a vital role in the outcome of your work.

We will also teach you how to fully understand colour theory and how your treatments can be adapted and/or corrected to cater for your individual client’s needs for their brows. Our expert guidance will provide you with everything you need to know to take our training away with you and become a successful permanent makeup artist.

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microblading in progress

About this course

Microblading is undoubtedly one of the most popular permanent makeup treatments on the market today. Clients love nothing more than to have one less thing to do of a morning and the combination of skill and technique can allow for some fantastic results.

Our course contains equal parts theory, semi practical and live model practice to give you a thorough understanding as to how to carry out a Microblading treatment to the best of your ability. You will cover everything from colour theory to anatomy and physiology and will be provided with all the knowledge to enable you to feel confident about performing this treatment.

This course includes a full kit to allow you to carry out treatments immediately upon completion of training. The kit will consist of a microblading tool with blades and a Golden Eye Colour Essence pigment kit. You will also receive a take-home manual and ongoing support from your trainer.

microblading instruction one to one class