what is bb fresh?

BB Fresh is one of the latest and most up and coming treatments on the market today. This treatment can eliminate the need for topical foundations and BB creams as this treatment can create a much more even yet natural looking skin tone.

An alternative to BB Glow, BB Fresh also has the capabilities to shrink pores, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and much, much more. This treatment is often described as being completely pain-free and the trauma caused is said to be very minimal, often only resulting in mild redness which quickly subsides. For this reason, the length of down-time is based purely on what the client decides as by our standard, no downtime is required and the client can return to work immediately after this treatment should they so wish.

This treatment requires no maintenance at all and recommendations for aftercare are simple – allow to dry heal and do not use any products on your treated skin at all for 24 hours until the areas of micro trauma have healed.

We recommend that clients book in for a course of 3 sessions of BB Fresh, each spaced apart by 2 weeks in order to achieve maximum results. Why not give yourself the gift of beautiful skin all day every day.

BB fresh in progress
BB Fresh training courses

how does bb fresh work?

This treatment works through an infusion of skin tone coloured serums which are combined with our Nano-Microneedling treatment to create beautiful looking skin. The range of serums we offer have incredible correcting capabilities, especially when applied through needling.

BB Fresh acts as a 2.0 version of our Microneedling treatment as, not only is micro trauma created to enable the skin to repair the appearance of various skin conditions, but skin tones can be boosted to create a smoother and more even skin tone.

The combination of micro trauma and colour correction can create very similar results to those created if the client were to apply topical products such as foundations, concealers and BB/CC creams. The ultimate difference being that this treatment offers a much more permanent solution.

Based on a course of 3 treatments, this treatment can last as long as 2-3 months during which point, the need for topical products such as those listed above may be unnecessary. We are proud to be able to offer a more permanent solution to those clients who may be unsure of which products are best for their skin or are maybe even using the wrong products as correctional solutions.

So whether you’re looking to ditch expensive products that don’t work or would simply just prefer that extra time in bed each morning, why not look into arranging your BB Fresh treatment today?

Price for this treatment: £80