what is eyebrow tinting?

Our Brow Tinting treatment allows you to transform your natural brows into bold and beautiful works of art with a variety of different choices of colour and style available.

We are able to create bold statement brows by using a combination of different colours to create a beautiful ombre effect. We are also able to define the brows for clients who would like more of a defined result; this style is also particularly useful for anyone with sparse brows as we can create a skin stain effect to camouflage any areas where hair is missing.

We are required to perform a patch test on all of our brow tinting clients at least 48 hours before any treatment is carried out to ensure that there are no allergies present before treating.

During your consultation, the technician will ask you what type of look you are hoping to achieve from your Eyebrow Tinting treatment; it is at this stage you should make them aware of what colour, shape and style you are hoping for. This treatment can also be carried out in conjunction with our Waxing treatment so create controlled and defined brows. The length of time that the effects of this treatment will last for is typically 4-6 weeks.

dramatic effect eyebrow tint training
eyebrow tinting training course in merseyside

what is the treatment process?

This treatment works through use of a topical tinting product which is applied to brow hairs and skin in order to create a beautifully contoured shape that will be sure to add some serious definition to your face.

We are able to adjust the development time of our products used in order to create various different styles depending entirely on what type of brow you want. We are also able to mix and combine colours to create your desired result; this is particularly useful for any clients who may be within two different shades of tint but would still like this treatment.

Brow tinting is very quick and including processing time, will only take around 15 minutes on average. Typically, this treatment is combined with hair removal treatments which may increase your overall treatment time if you have selected one of these alongside tinting.

The formulation of our selected product can also allow us to cover grey hairs as part of our treatment, meaning this treatment is perfectly suitable for all different ages. We can also treat those clients with thicker and courser eyebrow hair by adjusting the strength of our products as well as the development time; for this reason, this treatment is suitable for both women and men.