our eyebrow waxing service

Our Eyebrow Waxing treatment allows us to not only remove excess hairs from your eyebrow area, but also create beautiful shapes which can flatter and contour your face. Whether you prefer your eyebrows to look soft and natural or perhaps prefer them to be bold and structured, we can create true works of art that will allow you to feel confident and on trend.

This treatment is generally quite quick, usually taking around 5-10 minutes however, depending on the result you are hoping for, the technician may ‘map’ your brows prior to waxing. This step will allow for equal symmetry, length and width and may take just a few minutes to do before the waxing stage begins.

We offer a range of specialised waxes catering for different skin types; using the correct wax type will allow us to minimise the level of discomfort that may come with waxing.

You will be informed of any aftercare guidelines there may be to follow however, generally the best aftercare is to leave the area that has been waxed completely product free for a minimum of 12-24 hours after the treatment. If the area is particularly reactive following the treatment, the technician may suggest the use of a product that will be available at our reception.

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eyebrow waxing in progress

what happens on the day?

This treatment works by individually coating every strand of hair to be removed with a specialised wax which will have been selected by your technician based on the needs of the skin.

This will be applied and then layered with a material wax strip; the technician will press down on this material firmly to ensure the hairs have correctly adhered to the product. The wax will be left to cool for around 15-20 seconds and then, keeping the skin taut, the technician will remove the wax strip along with the hair needing to be removed.

The regularity of this treatment is typically every 4-6 weeks depending on the natural growth cycles of your hair. If you have coarser hair that tends to grow quickly, it is likely that you would benefit from having this treatment more regularly. However, fine hair that grows very slowly may benefit from a less frequent treatment than every 4-6 weeks.

This treatment works very well in conjunction with our Eyebrow Tint and Henna Brows treatment depending on how much intensity you wish to add to your brows. These treatments are at an additional cost and will be subject to patch testing 48 hours before your treatment.