what are henna eyebrows?

Our Henna Brow treatment allows us to create beautiful looking brows for you that offer a long-term solution to sparse brows or brows in need of a little TLC.

This product offers a non-permanent solution for issues such as these for those who may not quite be looking at other treatments such as microblading or permanent makeup for eyebrows.

One of the main benefits of our Henna treatment is that, not only can it provide long lasting results on brow hairs, but it can also offer a great level of longevity on the skin due to its incredible staining power. This is perfect for those who like a defined brow shape but do not wish to spend each morning using products such as powders and waxes to create their brows.

Our Henna products contain no peroxides or ammonia and are not tested on animals. This treatment is relatively quick with results lasting typically around 14 days on skin and up to 6 weeks on brow hairs. So if you are looking for something a little more permanent than standard tint but not quite ready for anything like brow tattooing, why not try out our Henna Brows treatment?

We recommend that this treatment be carried out no more than every 4-6 weeks (depending on required result).

henna brows completed
creating henna brows during training course

how does this treatment work?

For centuries Henna has been used throughout many cultures in various forms; temporary body art tattoos and temporary hair colours being the most noted; now due to its incredible capabilities, it can now offer a semi-permanent solution for facial beauty treatments.

Although Henna has always been known for its amazing staining power on hairs and skin, the level of this can depend entirely from brand to brand. We offer a variety of different Henna products that are used based on the requirements of the client and what they are looking for.

Various factors such as time, colour selection and amount of product can alter the result of a Henna Brow treatment. Our specialist technicians work with you to create the result you are looking to achieve from this treatment. We will guide you through the treatment any explain any recommendations we have in terms of colour, style and shape. We also offer advice towards aftercare and ensuring that you can get the most from your Henna Brow treatment in between services.

We will perform a patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment to ensure that you have no allergies to Henna or any of the products to be used throughout the treatment.