what is lash lifting?

Lash Lifting is a treatment which allows us to enhance your natural eye lashes by creating soft curls which can open up the eye area completely with results lasting up to 12 weeks.

Using only the best products, we discuss with you what type of result you are looking for from your Lash lifting treatment; some clients may prefer a straight up curled effect whereas others may like a more fanned out effect. This will be discussed with you prior to treatment as well as any contraindications that may exist, but if not… you’re good to go!

We will thoroughly discuss your treatment start-to-end before we begin to ensure you are fully aware as to what Lash Lifting entails. Aftercare will be explained upon completion of the treatment but rules are simple! Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours following your treatment. Whilst we are aware this is not always possible; we need to make you aware that taking this precaution will allow you to keep your lashes lifted for longer.

This serves as a great alternative to Lash Extensions and can also work out as a much more cost-effective solution with treatments only recommended every 3 months. We do require a patch test 48 hours before use of this product!

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how does a lash lift work?

We begin the treatment by breaking the bonds down in your natural eyelash hairs and fixing them in a position of our choosing, based on what you have decided with the technician during your consultation. Depending fully on the result that you are looking to achieve, we will also select the appropriate shield for curling the lashes; think hair rollers – the bigger the roller, the bigger the curl!

Upon completion of the treatment, we may also tint the lashes if the client so wishes and if they have performed their patch test 48 hours before the treatment and had no reaction. Whilst this is not always necessary, tinting the lashes will not only enhance the colour but draw attention to the newly curled lashes, giving the eye area a beautifully fresh-looking result.

The longevity of this last lift will depend on various factors such as whether the correct aftercare was followed, lifestyle and growth cycle but ultimately… the average Lash lift will last around 12 weeks. After this time period, we recommend you come see us again to revive your beautiful lashes.

We can also offer alternative Lash Lifting treatments to those clients who perhaps have had a reaction to one of our other products. If they have no reaction to the subsequent patch test, we can carry out this treatment using the alternative treatment kit.