nasal waxing service in manchester

Our Nasal Waxing treatment allows us to remove nostril hairs which is one of our quickest and most effective treatments in our clinic with most clients stating that the treatment held a surprisingly low level of pain or discomfort. Our percentage of returning customers for this treatment is around 90% which proves that waxing in 2019 does not have to be painful.

There are some amazing benefits of having this treatment, including the fact that it allows the airways to be more open with less of an obstruction; this is great news for those who perhaps suffer from night time snoring or sinus issues.

Due to the speed of this treatment, we are sometimes able to offer this in addition to any other treatments you might already be booked in for with ourselves. In terms of how often this treatment is required, this depends entirely on your natural hair growth cycles and how often your body reproduces hairs once they have been removed. On average, this treatment can be carried out once every 6-8 weeks, similarly to the recommended time interval of a haircut! The beauty technician will be able to inform you whether you require a more spaced apart time interval following your second session, once they have assessed the hair regrowth.

nasal waxing
nasal waxing service

what happens during the process

We carry out this treatment using a specialised wax with a softer and creamier consistency which is suitable for delicate and sensitive areas of the skin; the nasal area being one of them. We use a specialised tool with an even coating of this wax which is then placed into the nasal passages, one at a time.

Individually, we allow around 15-20 seconds for the wax to adhere to each hair and we may apply slight pressure to the outside of the nose to ensure full contact. Once the time interval has passed, we will remove the waxing tool whilst applying slight pressure to the top of the nose – this will reduce any stinging sensation that may arise after the wax has been removed.

With regards to aftercare, we advise not to apply and creams or lotions to the area that has been waxed as this will only irritate the area. The specialised wax that we use contains soothing elements such as camomile and aloe vera which will reduce any type of redness, inflammation or soreness that can often come after having wax treatments carried out elsewhere. Any irritable sensations and slight sensitivity should diminish over the next few hours following the treatment.