our skin tag removal service

Our skin tag removal treatment allows us to safely and effectively remove skin tags from various areas of the body using our specialised equipment.

Skin tags are very common and can often make people feel self-conscious, particularly if they are in areas that are highly visible such as they face, neck and hands. It is estimated that approximately 50% of adults will have at least 1 skin tag on their body throughout their life time so they are more common than you might think.

It is not fully understood what actually causes skin tags although it is commonly believed that they may be due to clusters of collagen and blood vessels being trapped inside thicker pieces of skin.

This treatment will allow you to regain your confidence from the second you leave the clinic and our fully trained technicians will explain every step of the treatment prior to the procedure. Our main priority is that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment so and all the necessary information will be given to you at the consultation stage regarding both pre-care and aftercare advice.

On average, each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes including consultation and pre-numbing time – the treatment time itself is very quick depending on the size of the skin tag.

skin tag removal
another skin tag

how does skin tag removal work?

This treatment is carried out using our Plasma Skin Tightening technique which allows us to shrink down any excess skin and allow it to be smoothed down enough so it is level to the rest of the skin. This technique also allows us to actively stop any active blood supplies that may present an issue throughout the treatment enabling us to remove your skin tags as quickly and effectively as possible.

Depending on any pre-existing allergies or health conditions, the area to be worked on will be pre-treated with our pre-procedure cream which will numb the area before we begin; this will allow your treatment to be as pain free as possible. There is also no downtime required with this treatment as the technique used will cauterise the area as we treat it, stopping any blood spotting immediately. This will also minimise the risk of any type of bacterial infection following the treatment as the “scabbing” will act as a barrier to any exposed skin once the tag has been removed.

Following this treatment, you will be left with a scab-like graze which may look a little dark in colour – this is completely normal and the scab should begin to flake away 4-7 days following your treatment.