our laser tattoo removal service

Our Laser Tattoo Removal treatment allows us to remove body art tattoos, permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation from the skin.

This process will likely happen over a particular amount of sessions depending entirely on whether you are hoping to achieve full removal or just a high level of fading (if you are looking to have the tattoo covered over).

The removal process acts as more of a heat treatment which is why the sensation experienced throughout is typically that of heat in the area being treated. This is completely normal and this response is part of how the removal process works.

We do advise that this treatment be carried out with 4-6 week intervals in between treatments. The reason for this is so your skin fully has time to heal and settle down before any subsequent sessions take place; it is also at this point that the results from the first session will have halted.

Aftercare advice will be given after every Laser Tattoo Removal treatment and your removal technician will inform you of the do’s and don’t following this treatment. Soothing aftercare balms are also available from us which are suitable for those clients who perhaps have experienced removal on a relatively large tattoo.

laser tattoo removal

how does laser removal work?

Laser Tattoo Removal works through use of heat as mentioned previously and also through the energy produced by our laser machine. When a treatment is carried out, the tattoo particles absorb the energy produced by the laser which causes them to shatter into tiny fragments. Over the next 4-6 weeks these tiny fragments are flushed out by your body’s own digestive system.

The reason we recommend treatments every 4-6 weeks is because after this time frame, the tattoo particles settle and will consolidate once again so no more particles can be flushed away. We would then re-introduce this laser treatment and repeat the process; this will be continued until all the tattoo particles are removed or when you have achieved the level of fading you are happy with.

Immediately after your removal treatment, you may notice that your tattoo will have a ‘frosted’ effect, to the point where sometimes it can look almost gone straight away. Please be aware that this process is temporary and that after several hours, your tattoo will look as it did before the treatment. The difference now is that the tattoo particles are much easier to be flushed out your system than they were before.